Panasonic UB-8325, Panaboard, Smartboard, Whiteboard, Interactive TheOfficeBots - Panasonic UB-8325 Panaboard Electronic Whiteboard - Great selection of scanner roller, toner, interactive whiteboards and projector mounts

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Panasonic UB-8325 Panaboard Electronic Whiteboard

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Interactive Panaboard
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Interactive Panaboard - The All-In-One Interactive Print Board Solution. Functions as an Interactive Board, an Electronic Whiteboard, a projector screen and an Electronic Print Board with plain paper output.
Teleconferencing - When used in conjunction with Microsoft® NetMeeting, provides a cost-effective real-time teleconferencing solution so everyone can attend a meeting, whether thay attend on-site or remotely.
Remote PC Operation - Control you applications for Windows® right from the Panaboard using the included Electronic Pens like a computer 'mouse'.
Colorful Electronic Pens - Track meeting notes and important words to emphasize critical issues in color.
High Quality Projector Screen - The screen displays crisp data and video images with minimal light reflection.
Capture Images - Save meeting notes to computer files for archiving and distribution.
Built-in Printer - Allows for materials to be distributed to the audience in seconds.